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My granddaughter Mia was getting ready to celebrate her 7th birthday. Somehow she heard about tea parties and decided that was how she wanted to celebrate. The funny thing is that neither Mia nor any of her friends drink tea and no one had ever been to a tea party.  However, that did not diminish her determination to plan the perfect tea party with her mom. (I helped a little too.)  Mia's birthday tea party turned out great and I will write more about that another day. Today I want to tell you about how much fun Mia and I had making large paper flowers for her very girly tea party.  Somewhere Mia saw pictures of large flowers and decided they would make a special decoration for her 7th birthday party.  Making them is easy and fun. All you need is tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Mia needed a little help, but did much of the work herself.



First, decide on the colors you want your flowers to be. Then take six sheets of tissue paper and lay it flat. Then begin to fold the tissue paper accordion style.


When the papers have been folded accordion style, fold the long strip of paper in half and tie in the middle with a pipe cleaner.



Then trim the edges on each end of the paper strip. Different cuts will make different flowers. This paper was cut to have a scalloped edge. (I actually trimmed the edges. Mia demonstrated for the camera.)



Working on one half of the paper, begin to pull the pieces of paper apart, creating  the large petals.



Half of the flower in the front is complete. Now begin to work on the second half.  Pull the papers apart as you did for the first half and arrange them to make a large flower.



Here is Mia holding the flower she just made. A round dowel was inserted through the pipe cleaner to make a bouquet-like arrangement to place in a vase. Purple and pink flowers are in the background. Mia was very happy with the outcome. Later we made different flowers by trimming the ends with a spike-like shape. Some flowers were placed in vases and some were hung from the ceiling. Mia was right. The large paper flowers were the perfect decoration. All the girls loved them.

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Hi everybody! Memorial Day weekend has officially started. I hope everyone has some fun plans and is also taking time out to remember those soldiers who died protecting our freedoms. Our local scouts will go to national cemeteries on Long Island to put an American flag on every grave and remember.  All those flags in neat rows. It's so moving.  What a beautiful tribute.  It's a beautiful sight!

I love to read The Wall by Eve Bunting to children. It's such a poignant story and helps children to understand that Memorial Day is more than just a day off and sales at the mall.

How will you remember?

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So exciting! It's Friday and there are only three more days until the SPLISH-SPLASH It's a Summertime Blog Bash begins! Can't wait for it to start! Freebies! Giveaways! Summertime blog posts by your favorite bloggers!  It all starts Monday, May 25th. Come back to A+ Kids Bloggin' and  start hoppin' to share all the fun!

Note: Grab all the freebies you can use during the blog hop. When the blog hop is over most freebies will convert to paid products.


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