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"Splish-Splash! It's a Summertime Blog Bash" was a huge success. A big thank you to Rachael from The Classroom Game Nook for hosting. Rachael worked very hard to organize over 40 bloggers to have a successful blog hop. I went hopping and everything worked like a well oiled machine. I heard so many positive comments! So thank you Rachael! Can't wait for your next blog hop in the fall.  I also want to thank everyone who visited my blog, downloaded a couple of my You-Know games, and left sweet feedback. It was so very nice of you.  I hope you all were able to download a bunch of great freebies from the awesome bloggers.

Congratulations to Cheryl P. who was a Raffflecopter winner and took home my geometry unit, Geometry Notes: Lines and Angles. The resource helps students to understand geometry concepts that can be so difficult for some kids to master.  It provides many opportunities for students to comprehend new geometry terms and demonstrate a clear understanding of definitions and geometry practices.  So Cheryl I hope your students learn a lot about geometry and have fun too!

Again, thank you all for blog hopping.  I hope you had fun!  Enjoy reading the posts of the new bloggers you chose to follow.  Look for the announcement about the next blog hop scheduled to take place sometime in the fall. Then get ready to blog hop again!

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