Guacamole with Serrano Peppers


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A few years ago my friend shared a delicious Guacamole with Serrano Peppers recipe with me. This is a tasty guacamole dish with serrano peppers to give it a little zing. This recipe calls for fresh lemon instead of lime and is said to be the secret of its delicious taste. It is definitely a crowd pleaser.

I decided to contribute it to the brand new TpT Best Summertime Picnic Recipes Cookbook and was lucky enough to get it published.  Karol from Mrs. S's Health and PE Resources did a wonderful job putting this recipe book together. Check it out to see the 75 summertime recipes contributed by TpTers. 

Download it and leave me some feedback to let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you. Then click on the link on that page to get your free copy of the entire book and have a summer filled with new delicious treats.

Share the guacamole with your friends. Enjoy!

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