Great Day in London


Final Score 27-14

So happy to celebrate a Jets win. They dominated division rivals Miami Dolphins. The NY Jets are 3-1!!   J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! So happy! To celebrate I am offering a flash freebie. My fall Know Your Math Facts (multiplication and division) activity will be a FREEBIE for the next 27 minutes--one minute for each Jet point scored!  It is a perfect activity to help your students master those difficult multiplication/division facts and develop math fluency. It comes complete with 30 multiplication and 30 division word problems. If you do download it, please leave some nice feedback and SHHH--please don't mention the freebie. Run over to my store right now to grab your copy before the freebie expires!


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Next week the Jets have a bye. Let's see what happens Oct. 18th when they play Washington at 1pm. Enjoy the rest of the games today, good luck to your favorite team, and have fun with your new math activity!


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