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I am joining Rachael from The Classroom Game Nook to share ten pictures of recent days. I missed Ten on Ten last month so this month I am catching up.  Life has been extremely busy and lots of fun. Lots of family fun going on!

1.  Had a great time at our granddaughters' dance recitals.  The two sisters each performed in different shows on the same day. Abby was in the morning show and Alexa performed later in the 4:00 show. So it was a day of dance for our family.


Alexa and Abby


2. Six days later our granddaughter Mia performed in an afternoon dance recital.




3. Our family was lucky enough to get everyone together for a week at Disney. We can never get enough of this. Here is a picture of our "Fab Five" being greeted by Pluto at EPCOT.

Pluto and Fab5

Our Fab Five


4. Olaf cupcakes were a favorite dessert in Disney. Yummy!

2015 Recital-Disney 170


5. Darth Vader is a family favorite villain, the guy you love to hate. He was really scary during the show at Star Wars in Hollywood.

2015 Recital-Disney 173


6. This is the new business card I had made for the TpT conference in Las Vegas. Laine from A Little Piece of Africa designed it for me. The coolest thing is I met Laine at the "Cool Kids Meet and Greet" in Vegas. Laine traveled a long way to be there and share ideas with everyone. It was great to finally meet her.


7. My friends thought it was funny when I shared this vacation photo with them. It was taken in Vienna. Yes, it is a hot dog stand. However, they do not have frankfurters. They serve sausages on rolls.


8. We visited a butterfly house with lots of bright-colored exotic flowers that butterflies love.
9-11.  Oops! I have 11, but I need to show you the bees and the honey that was served at breakfast.  We were lucky to be at a hotel in Prague when they were having a special demonstration of getting honey from bees. This is the third year they are hosting this demonstration. It is for one weekend only.
It is hard to see but these are the bees in their enclosure.
A screen-like grate is taken out of the bee "hive.' Honey is scraped into a pan.
The honey is placed on crackers with the consistency of an ice cream cone. Fresh honey!  Very yummy.
It's your turn!
Here are the rules to participate:

1)  Choose ten pictures that show your readers what's been going on in your life lately (a peek into your classroom, getting ready for fall festivities...etc...).  The pictures can be both teacher and non-teacher related.
2)  Place the pictures in post on the tenth of each month. You can include a small caption with each picture if you'd like.  You must include the blog button from Rachael's  The Classroom Game Nook (below).
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