Visiting TpT in New York City


                                       Teachers Pay Teachers headquarters in New York City                                            51 Astor Place with typical NYC construction in front of the building

Friday was a beautiful day in New York City. I was privileged to have an appointment with Jillian to tour the TpT office and was grateful to have such great weather. My good friend Marie and I decided to make a day of it. We took a mid-morning train on the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station, enjoyed a delicious l-o-o-o-n-g, chatty girls' lunch in the city and then made our way over to Astor Place.


Slide4After we signed into the building, (pretty tight security), we went upstairs to the TpT offices and received the most gracious greeting ever from Jillian and Jodi.


I was very happy to see Jodi again. We originally met at the Las Vegas conference.                      She's a real sweetie.



The offices are very bright with floor to ceiling windows for outside walls. Everyone there was so very accommodating to pose for a few pictures. Look at those big smiles. Everyone in the office was enthusiastic to come over and greet us. You could feel the warmth in the room. It was a great visit, lots of chatting and viewing.


The people working in Customer Service were all smiles.  The colorful artwork on the wall really brightened up their area.


A bulletin board with some great posts highlighting TpT on Facebook.


Comments from Teacher-Authors

Everyone at TpT is excited about next July's TpT conference in Orlando.  Jillian is busy working on plans to make the conference another spectacular experience for all teacher-authors in attendance.  I can't wait to see these wonderful ladies again in Orlando.

If you visit New York City be sure to make some time to visit TpT headquarters too. Just be sure to make arrangements with Jillian one week in advance. She really rolls out the red carpet for you!

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