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To give you a special treat for the holidays I am celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas hosted by Brandi and Angela from Focused on Fifth.  Many bloggers have joined together to share holiday ideas for you to use in your classroom. We want to help make December an educational, fun time for you and your kiddos. So read on to learn about the hints and treats that bloggers have prepared for you.



To celebrate the first day of Christmas, bloggers have prepared holiday-themed math ideas. Here is my new freebie, Elves Writing Fractions, Decimals and Fractions, made especially for you. It is designed with an elf holiday theme to help your students read, write and understand numbers written as fractions, decimals and percents.

The Cover


This resource contains 3 anchor charts, one each for decimals, fractions, and percents. Each chart has math sentences for the kids to complete.


There are 12 task cards in this resource. Here is an example of what is included.


This is the festive student response sheet for kids to record their responses.


So hurry on over to my store, A+ Kids, to get your free resource--and if you like it, don't forget to leave some sweet feedback too. By the way if you look around my store there is also a math, critical thinking, freebie called Holiday Puzzles for your kids to keep busy--and think too. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!!


Check in everyday with Brandi and Angela at Focused on Fifth to find out which bloggers are participating that day and collect lots of great ideas to make December more fun for you and your class.



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