Christmas Fun!

This year I feel so blessed to share Christmas with all 5 of my grandchildren, albeit not at the same time. My three granddaughters, two are 7 and one is 6, all wanted to see The Nutcracker Ballet in the worst way. The two boys did not. Neither did the "big boys." So it was decided all of the girls would go--two different girls' nights out. One night in New York City and one night in Atlanta.

First, my daughter, seven-year-old granddaughter and I went to the ballet at Lincoln Center in New York City. It is always a special event and everyone is riveted to the performance as the enormous Christmas tree "grows' from the floor of the stage until it is a size of enormous proportions. I believe this scene is unique to Lincoln Center and it is spectacular!

Mia and Nutcracker Costumes

Mia with a display at Lincoln Center


FullSizeRender  Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

At Mia's request we visited the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center that seemed especially beautiful this year. It seemed to be much wider than usual and was just so bright. The area was super crowded on a Sunday night but it was so festive.


Christmas Tree at Bryant Park, Midtown, Manhattan

                                                        Here we are posing under the tree

Bryant Park was our destination for dinner. It was impossible to get a cab so we were hoping to walk off all the calories we were taking in. It was a great night!  Mia's already making plans for next year!


A few days later I was visiting with my two Atlanta granddaughters, Alexa and Abby. My daughter-in-law drove us to the city.  We were lucky to have a beautiful night to take in the city and it was delightful.  We had dinner at the hotel directly across from the Fox Theater and the girls were so excited as the lights were glowing brightly into the window and across our table. The ballet was wonderful and our two little ballerinas were quite attentive. It is a night they won't forget!!  They loved it!!

2015 089

Atlanta, Georgia

2015 084-2

                                    Here we are posing at the hotel's beautiful Christmas tree

2015 090

Alexa with her new doll

Kathleen in 8 Apples

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  1. Kathleen

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    Yes Kelly. It was a very special treat to be able to share those events with the girls. Their excitement made if all worthwhile. It was a great time I won't forget either!

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