Jets Stun Giants in Big Apple Rivalry

My good friend and I have a Christmas tradition--several actually, but yesterday was the Holiday House tour. Participants make a donation to the town historical society and then are invited to visit historic homes decorated for the holidays. It's a lot of fun and something we try not to miss. When I bought the ticket, I didn't realize it conflicted with the Jets-Giants game. That was a painful choice. We went on the house tour and had a great time while the game was taped--DVR.

Jets Beat Giants

Fitzmagic, as I like to call him, was magical in the end.

I just finished watching the game. The Jets definitely had a slow start, but came roaring back in the fourth quarter to tie the game with the Giants who had a 10 point lead. The game went into overtime and the Jets were able to pull out a win. It was a stunning ending! Final score 23-20. So we are very happy Jets fans!

To celebrate the Jets win, I am offering my Christmas You-Know Addition Game to my followers. It will be posted in my store as a freebie for a limited time today. So hurry on over to grab yours. Don't forget to leave some merry feedback if you do download it so I can continue to celebrate Jets wins with freebies. They're on a roll now so hopefully there will be many more wins--and freebies to celebrate!! Enjoy the game!






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