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Snapshots of History

My Page in the Black History Month Ebook

I just got exciting news! My resource “Nat Turner, Leader of the Largest Slave Revolt in American History” was chosen to be highlighted the middle school version of the digital ebook “A Snapshot of History.” The resource is perfect for studying Black History, Civil Rights and prejudice. It contains a nine page biography with facts about Nat Turner's life as well as describing the climate in America during his lifetime.  Activities designed for differentiated instruction complement the story.

The editors, Naomi from Read Like a Rock Star and her committee (Tamara Russell, Princess Netherly, Tanesha from Raising Rigor and Readers, LaNesha and Sarah) published three Black History Month digital samplers. There is one for each grade level group K-2, 3-6, and middle/high school.  The goal of the ebooks is to to provide “A Snapshot of History” of  black historical figures and showcase Black History month resources for teachers. The editors are encouraging teachers to introduce their students to the many black historical figures, beyond Martin Luther King, Jr., who have made rich and varied contributions to our country. Some of them are included in these ebooks.

If you need some ideas to enrich your Black History lessons, and even if you don't, take a look at the ebooks. There are some great ideas there! Happy reading and I hope you find something interesting for you and your students.

Click here  to view the middle and high school ebook. From there you can find links to the other two ebooks.


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