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I am excited to be participating in a blog hop hosted by Kim from Elementary Antics. Over 40 bloggers will be offering great spring ideas to use in your classroom and FREEBIES to make your job a little easier as the year begins to wind down.  Be sure to hop around all the blogs to collect all the goodies. When you get back to A+ Kids Bloggin' you know you have completed the entire hop.



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Every year we have lots of fun with our grandchildren at our annual Easter Egg hunt held on our back lawn. The kids enjoy it and look forward to it. However, last year I realized that the kids were getting too big to truly enjoy opening little plastic eggs with little candies and trinkets inside. I decided to create something new. The kids had a great time and when it was over I thought an adapted version of my new math egg hunt could be used for classroom fun.


I created a new Easter Egg hunt based on luck but was engaging and lots of fun. The eggs were stuffed with numbers.  Just for fun, the numbers over 10 were printed in yellow to be recognized as having a higher point value.  Here are the sheets of numbers waiting to be cut and stuffed into the eggs.


Each kid got a sheet with 16 numbers. The kids had to choose 12 numbers, to match the number of eggs in a carton--one dozen eggs. These are the only numbers they would get credit for finding. Their chosen numbers were written in the bunny ears. ***Challenge for selecting numbers---Of course, lower numbers are worth less, but there were more of them in the eggs, so the chance of finding lower numbers was greater.

Then the kids ran around the yard looking in the garden, on benches, in flower pots, in window boxes, etc. until they were sure they had found all of the eggs.   


IMG_1032 (1)

Each child was given an egg carton with the 12 numbers they chose--one number in each section.

When they opened the eggs there was a number inside from 5-20. Then they sorted the numbers from the eggs into the egg cartons. If they had chosen the number in the beginning they were awarded that number of points.  If the number in their egg was not on their list, it was discarded.  We computed one number at a time, starting with 20 and working our way down to 5.  "How many 20s do you have? How many points is that?" Then the next child was asked, "How many 20s do you have? How many points is that?"

Next the numbers had to be tallied. It was interesting to see the 9-year-old who "doesn't like math" adding those points--all of a sudden interested. "I found five 9s. That's 45 points."  The 1st grade twins had no problem concluding "I found three 10s. That's 30 points."  Finally, the 9-year-old used a calculator to add the total number of points for each of them.


Winner's Prizes

Slightly larger eggs were stuffed with a $$$$ to create 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.


And, of course, they each received a present from their grandparents. Here they are holding the prize eggs. That was my hunt for my grandchildren. It was lots of fun because they enjoyed the steps of the process and there was suspense to see who would win. Shockingly, the older one liked doing the computing. Everyone was very happy!


  1. Gather enough plastic eggs for each kid in your class to find at least 3 eggs. (You decide the number). To be safe, be sure to make a few extra eggs. Occasionally, 1 or 2 eggs are never found!
  2. Stuff the eggs with numbers the kids can add on their ability level.
  3. Enlist someone to help you "hide" the eggs on the playground just before your hunt.
  4. Arrange kids in groups of 5 or 6 and send in a general direction so as not to have them run over each other. There is no need to rush or push or fight. Everyone gets to collect just 3 eggs and there are plenty for everyone. It is a game of luck! No one know which eggs have the "big numbers."
  5. Tell kids when they have found 3 eggs, they should return to you.
  6. When all of the eggs have been collected,  and you return to the classroom, the kids add their numbers. The 3 kids with the highest totals win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes presented in larger eggs or envelopes--or whatever you create. Prizes can be dollar store finds or homework certificates.

If you try the math Easter Egg hunt, let me know how it works for you. Have fun! Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Before you leave to go to the next blog, be sure to check out my freebie created especially for you--participants of this blog hop!



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12 task cards are included in this math resource that will be free for the duration of the blog hop.

Math skills are reinforced while using task cards to play a Scoot activity or a Kaboom game. Skills reinforced are:
-addition and subtraction of multi digit numbers
-multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers by a one-digit number
-using symbols for less than, greater than and equal to

Can be used in small groups, whole groups and math centers.

Visit my store to download your free resource. Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

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An Apple for the Teacher March Monthly Giveaway

I just love giveaways. They are always so much fun! Every month my friend Kelly from An Apple for the Teacher  hosts a great giveaway on her blog.  For March's contest she has, once again, invited blogger friends to join her and I am so happy to be participating. The winner will receive a $75 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers. The contest begins on March 6th. You can click on the avatar above to visit Kelly's blog to enter or you can enter the contest right here by using Rafflecopter. Either way, I wish you good luck!

Additionally. be sure to check in next month on or about the 6th for Kelly's April giveaway.

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Pick 3 Graphics-March

Welcome to March's Pick 3 Pinterest Party hosted by Marissa from the Inspired Owl's Corner, Lisa from PAWSitively Teaching, and  Ashley from Just Reed! It's March, the weather has been a little warmer and there's so much to celebrate. It's Women's History month. St. Patrick's Day, Easter and the arrival of spring will all be celebrated in March.  There's so much going on that it was hard to choose pins!! I had to make choices and I hope you will find them inspirational to enjoy the month of March.
Love this cute decoration for your classroom door. I like the idea of placing photos of the kids' faces as gold coins.
St Pat Photo Booth
It would be so much fun to use these props during a class St. Patrick's Day celebration.  The kids would love it!  Create your own photo corner in your classroom by  placing a few decorations on the wall and letting kids stand in front of it holding  their choice of a prop for their photo shoot. Let friends pose together. Great to add to your class newsletter to share the fun with parents! Lots of fun!
Susan B Anthony
Susan B. Anthony
March is Women's History Month.  It is so important for young girls to realize the accomplishments of women who came before them and that it was only a few generations ago that their great-grandmothers were NOT ALLOWED to vote. Women were expected to run the household and take care of the children. Period. Girls need to have the ability to aspire to greater things and boys need to know that women are to be respected. Susan B. Anthony was instrumental in earning rights for women. Students should recognize her name and know her struggle.


Check out my Pinterest feed for more great March ideas. I have great boards for St. Patrick's Day and Women's History Month, and some great Easter ideas too.  Feel free to peruse those boards to find more great ideas.

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Visit the other participating blogs for more creative ideas and leave comments everywhere to tell bloggers what you think. If you have an interesting activity for March or a recipe or a March-anything-at-all pin, feel free to join the link-up. Have fun!

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