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Welcome to April's Pick 3 Party hosted by Marissa from the Inspired Owl's Corner, Lisa from PAWSitively Teaching, and  Ashley from Just Reed! It's April!  Welcome spring! So happy it's finally here!  We've had some wonderful days with great weather, although the last few days have been super windy, rainy and just miserable, but that should calm down soon and then all will be well! Time to start working in the garden.  Spring break is over for many but not everybody. Some districts have not had Spring break yet so they still have that to look forward to. Whether your break is over or not, April is always a beautiful month. I found some cool pins I hope you enjoy!

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Earth Day

Now more than ever there is a strong emphasis on taking care of our planet--our only home. Earth Day is April 22nd. Celebrate by reinforcing how important it is for your students to appreciate the home we have and how important it is to take care of it.  I thought this poster was a cool activity because kids can add their own ideas about what they can do to help care for our home!

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Spring Break Poster

Here is a fun poster for kids to reflect on their Spring break. When they are completed your room will be bright with spring ideas! The poster can be adapted to be suitable for higher levels. Click on the poster to find the pin and download a poster. It's a FREEBIE!


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Butterfly Informational Text

I saw this and thought it was a great model for teaching kids to write informational text.  It is a lower level example, but sometimes I like to use a simple model and explain how it can be adapted for more complex ideas.



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