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My friend Kelly, from An Apple for the Teacher, and I, along with a few other blogging friends have joined together to co-host another contest just for you.  The contest is live right now!  You can enter here today and every day until June 4th when the contest closes. Enter daily for more chances to win.
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$25 TpT Gift Card Giveaway An Apple for the Teacher May 28 2016
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$25 TpT Gift Card Giveaway An Apple for the Teacher May 21 2016
My friend Kelly, from An Apple for the Teacher, and I, along with a few other blogging friends have joined together to co-host a contest just for you.  The contest starts today! You can enter right here, right now, and every day until May 28th when the contest closes. Enter daily for more chances to win.
You can also sign up to join us when other giveaways are scheduled. Just click on the link below for more information.
Prize: $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
Giveaway organized by:  An Apple for the Teacher
Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 5/28/16 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.
Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog?  Click here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers!
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My friend, Kimberly from English Oh My, is hosting an epic giveaway with lots of awesome resources from talented teacher-authors.  Use the Rafflecopters below to enter the contest for your chance to win this great shopping spree. Get ready! All of the fun starts on Thursday!

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Last Saturday TpT had an awesome party at their New York City headquarters to celebrate 10 wonderful years of teachers collaborating!


Nicole and Jillian greeted everyone with big smiles and helped with the sign-ins.  They had great swag bags for everyone!


Kristin from Samson's Shoppe and I traveled to NYC on the Long Island RR. The trip takes about 75 minutes each way so we had lots of time to collaborate and plan a few surprises to be announced later this year.


It was great to see Amy, the Director of Seller Happiness. Has anyone ever seen Amy without a big smile?



After a scrumptious brunch, complete with mimosas, Amy addressed the crowd and talked about the need "to connect and respect." How many people do you recognize standing behind Amy?

Slide3IMG_0386 (1)

Team TpT planned a fun itinerary.  Guests were invited to join in all three workshops with hands-on activities. Amie from Glitter Meets Glue ran an artistic breakout group. Everyone was given a puzzle piece and lots of art supplies to create a creative piece of a larger puzzle. Luke, from Students of History, had a fun activity for everyone. With big bowl of scrabble tiles Luke challenged guests to integrate inspirational educational words that could fit into the puzzle. Angela Watson gave everyone a beautiful poster designed by Jenny K. from Art with Jenny K.   Inspiration for teaching was the theme. What inspires you?

WeLovePhotobooths_6_1025752_1068551  WeLovePhotobooths_6_1025752_1068412

Fun at the photobooth with Kristin and Jodi!

Elliot was busy working with videography! TpTers were invited to be interviewed--on camera--by Elliot. I was very brave and did sit for an interview. After a few minutes of chatting and becoming completely comfortable, the camera began to roll and we discussed many things that might be inspirational to other teachers. Elliot is an excellent interviewer.  I believe Elliot's plan is to use snippets of many interviews to create an inspirational video. I can't wait to see it. He did promise to make everyone look good!

Paul Edelman made a special appearance by greeting everyone via a taped video. As usual, Paul was upbeat and so optimistic about the future of TpT. It was good to hear his message that was filmed against a background of a light-colored stone wall.  Adam had a great line for a segue when he quipped, "That was not a hostage video!" LOL

TpT's CEO Adam Freed addressed the group too. Love Adam, he's always so supportive. In fact, that was a topic of his speech. He spoke of our community of educators and how TpT is working to support us, to help us connect with each other and to be successful. One very encouraging fact he cited--2 out of every 3 teachers in America have downloaded something from TpT.  Yay! And now we are working on getting the other third. Double yay!

IMG_0392 (2)

A breeze was blowing the celebratory balloons (TpT 10) around, but the party was definitely a great celebration of TpT--10 Years Old!  Thank you Adam and Team TpT for a fun day!




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Welcome to May's Pick 3 Party hosted by Marissa from the Inspired Owl's Corner, Lisa from PAWSitively Teaching, and  Ashley from Just Reed! It's hard to believe it's May already, the weather is getting warmer and the end of another school year is near!  I found some cool pins that may be  inspiring for two big occasions in May--Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

Slide1 (2)

Mother's Day

Click on the image to see the original site.

When I saw this pin I thought, "Here's a great Mother's Day card any mother would like!"  I think all mothers like to read what their children have to say about them. I like the fact that it is somewhat of a brainstorming activity for kids to focus on many of mom's attributes. The teacher-author who created this used similes "Mom is as ____ ." The kids will love this "informal" writing activity too.


Slide2 (3)

Tea Party Placemat

Click on the image to see the original site.

This pin is especially near and dear to my heart this month as I just finished a blog post about hosting a tea in your classroom for Mother's Day--although it does not have to be held this week. It could also be a year-end celebration. In the post I highlighted a few ideas to make your tea a "fancy" tribute for mom. This pin shows a simple way to make no-cost placemats that are adorable. Using different colors could give them a more formal feel. If you are interested in hosting a tea in your classroom, check out my blog post.  Be sure to tell me what you think. Here's the link.


Slide3 (3)

Land of the Free

Click on the image to see the original site.

Here's a cool pin for Memorial Day! It's so important to teach our kids about the men and women who have fought and died for our freedoms. This website offers a few different free posters you can use for Memorial Day and other patriotic holidays.


Check out my Pinterest feed for more great ideas for May. Feel free to peruse my boards to find some awesome  ideas.

Visit A Plus Kids' profile on Pinterest.

Visit the other participating blogs for more creative ideas and leave comments everywhere to tell bloggers what you think. If you have an interesting activity for May, a recipe, or an anything-at-all pin,  feel free to link up and share. Have fun! To all the mothers, "Happy Mother's Day!"

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The Classroom Clique is a group of teachers who met at the TpT conference in Las Vegas last year. We collaborate to make all of our stores better for our buyers.  We have worked together to organize this blog hop to show our appreciation for you, the teachers who visit our stores. Be sure to collect all the awesome tips and freebies our members have posted for you and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win some great gift cards for some of your favorite places!  You deserve something special!

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As the school year is winding down, it might be a nice idea to plan something special for the moms of your students. What could be better than having your class host a fancy tea party  to honor their mothers and/or grandmothers?  The kids will love the planning, the moms will love attending and you will be earning some of the best PR any  teacher could ever hope to get!

I am going to share with you some of the festivities my granddaughter Mia planned to celebrate her 7th birthday. She had a great time planning her "fancy"  tea party. When she was brainstorming possible ideas to make her party an awesome event, I remember thinking what a great idea a fancy tea party would be to celebrate Mother's Day in the classroom--or an awesome event to invite moms in near the end of the year. I want to share some of the decorations Mia used and offer a few suggestions for creating an elegant tea party on a budget.


To set just the right tone for the tea, you will need some colorful decorations. Grab some brightly colored tissue paper, pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors. You are ready to begin creating beautiful flowers to decorate your room and to serve as a gift for moms to take home. In the picture below (on the right) you can see a flower hanging from the ceiling!  I have outlined the steps to create the flowers in an earlier post. Click here to read it. Your kids can absolutely make them!

EHK46p1462167555  Table_2

Another powerful element for setting the right mood is the table setting. Mia used table cloths and a runner from the thrift store. A less expensive version would be to use a long sheet of white paper from a large roll to serve as your "linen" tablecloth. Cut a table runner from a large roll of colored paper.  Have the kids write little messages to moms and grandmothers and enhance the messages with drawings. Irresistibly cute! You might chose not have the moms sit at the table. It could be used as a decorative table with trays of goodies and a pretty tea pot--or coffee. The children attending Mia's party actually had a choice of different juices and chocolate milk.


The roses decorating these chairs were purchased at a Michael's sale. A less expensive version would be to decorate chairs with kid-made flowers to match the table setting.


Mia's mom used  cookie cutters to make these adorable sandwiches. Butterfly sandwiches are on the right.  You could serve chocolate chips--homemade or packaged--or any other cookie, brownie or cake you can get.


Here's one happy kid celebrating her special day.  I have tried to give you some cost effective ideas so you too can host a special day for your students and guests. Don't forget some materials, such as a pretty tea pot, can be borrowed too. There are so many things you can do for the kids to have an unforgettable day to celebrate the end of a year in your class. If you do decide to host a fancy tea party, let me know how it turns out.

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Treat yourself and your kiddos to a great memory book chronicling the year in your class. The memory book will be a keepsake they can share with their family and friends.  For the duration of the blog hop, I have  special offer just for you. The cover on the FREEBIE says "School."   I will send you a cover with your school's name in that space. The customized cover will make your memory books so much more personal. Don't forget, the offer is good only for the duration of the blog hop and applies to the paid versions as well as the freebie. The offer ends Sunday, May 8th.

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Enter the Rafflecopter below for chances to win gift cards.

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What is the secret phrase?  Each blogger in the hop has a secret word or phrase for you to collect. Make a note of this word and hop on over to the next blog to collect a new word or phrase. You will need to complete the nine-word phrase or sentence to enter the contest. Here's the word from A+ Kids.

Phrase 1--It 

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