TpT Celebrates 10 Years of Inspired Teaching


Last Saturday TpT had an awesome party at their New York City headquarters to celebrate 10 wonderful years of teachers collaborating!


Nicole and Jillian greeted everyone with big smiles and helped with the sign-ins.  They had great swag bags for everyone!


Kristin from Samson's Shoppe and I traveled to NYC on the Long Island RR. The trip takes about 75 minutes each way so we had lots of time to collaborate and plan a few surprises to be announced later this year.


It was great to see Amy, the Director of Seller Happiness. Has anyone ever seen Amy without a big smile?



After a scrumptious brunch, complete with mimosas, Amy addressed the crowd and talked about the need "to connect and respect." How many people do you recognize standing behind Amy?

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Team TpT planned a fun itinerary.  Guests were invited to join in all three workshops with hands-on activities. Amie from Glitter Meets Glue ran an artistic breakout group. Everyone was given a puzzle piece and lots of art supplies to create a creative piece of a larger puzzle. Luke, from Students of History, had a fun activity for everyone. With big bowl of scrabble tiles Luke challenged guests to integrate inspirational educational words that could fit into the puzzle. Angela Watson gave everyone a beautiful poster designed by Jenny K. from Art with Jenny K.   Inspiration for teaching was the theme. What inspires you?

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Fun at the photobooth with Kristin and Jodi!

Elliot was busy working with videography! TpTers were invited to be interviewed--on camera--by Elliot. I was very brave and did sit for an interview. After a few minutes of chatting and becoming completely comfortable, the camera began to roll and we discussed many things that might be inspirational to other teachers. Elliot is an excellent interviewer.  I believe Elliot's plan is to use snippets of many interviews to create an inspirational video. I can't wait to see it. He did promise to make everyone look good!

Paul Edelman made a special appearance by greeting everyone via a taped video. As usual, Paul was upbeat and so optimistic about the future of TpT. It was good to hear his message that was filmed against a background of a light-colored stone wall.  Adam had a great line for a segue when he quipped, "That was not a hostage video!" LOL

TpT's CEO Adam Freed addressed the group too. Love Adam, he's always so supportive. In fact, that was a topic of his speech. He spoke of our community of educators and how TpT is working to support us, to help us connect with each other and to be successful. One very encouraging fact he cited--2 out of every 3 teachers in America have downloaded something from TpT.  Yay! And now we are working on getting the other third. Double yay!

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A breeze was blowing the celebratory balloons (TpT 10) around, but the party was definitely a great celebration of TpT--10 Years Old!  Thank you Adam and Team TpT for a fun day!



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  1. Hi Kathleen, so great to meet you at the TPT party, and so fascinating to see your photos and narrative--and compare them to the ones on my blog. It's like a slight shift in the universe. Love, Renee

  2. Kathleen, It was great to meet you at the TPT party! I love your blog pictures and description, too. Same universe, from a different perspective 🙂

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