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It's been a beautiful hot, lazy summer. So nice to have that carefree feeling to have lunch with friends, to read some books just for pure enjoyment and have the time to catch up with the kids!   For some of us summer vacation is already over and for others it is quickly coming to an end and teachers are beginning to think about getting ready for the start of another school year.  For this month's linky I have found some inspiring pins to create a warm welcoming classroom atmosphere. Enjoy!
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Selfies-School Kids
Love these "students!" They are great fun for your kids to create and will give your classroom an awesome looking presentation at meet-the-teacher night.  You can do a whole-body trace of each student's body or make a template of the head and shoulders and allow each kid to makeup his/her own face and shirt. Be sure to use heavier paper so the "students" appear to sit up straight.
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 Sneakers with summer message


Sneakers are always the rage! Make a template. Let kids trace it and decorate a cool pair of sneakers! Get some shoe laces at the dollar store or use yarn and add to the project. Kids can write about where they've been walking while on the vacation.

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Welcome Back
I just love the idea of creating a "photo booth" in the classroom. You need a few props to create that fun Back To School look.  This picture clearly shows the few things necessary. I love the sign for kids to hold. No one will ever forget when this picture was taken!  The pictures will make a great display for your classroom in the beginning of the year!  At the end of the year do it again with a new sign. It will be fun to compare.
You might also like to make new photo booths at holiday time with different props. Let the kids make some cool signs, such as "I love snowmen."  "Santa, let me explain." The kids will have lots of funny things to say!  Great fun for your holiday party!  Appropriate for all grades! Middle school and high school too!


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