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Clip art by Glitter Meets Glue Designs and Artifex

Like most teachers, especially Special Education teachers, I'm a pack rat. The fact that I am a retired Special Education teacher doesn't seem to matter. I brought home some of my favorite things telling myself that I could use them to demonstrate strategies for my graduate students pursuing a literacy degree.  And that's true. I have used them and the college students appreciate the visuals. Recently I decided I needed to clean out a bit and make some room in my home office closet. I found a long-forgotten rolled up, tattered piece of chart paper with a list I had made with two of my 2nd grade (boys) resource students.  Trying to promote interest and enthusiasm for reading we were discussing what makes a book interesting and what we had learned about books we like. They generated ideas expressing the awareness they had about books and I was the scribe.  Reading the list today I can still remember how these two struggling readers were excited about sharing what they knew about books and how much they were enjoying what they had learned.  I took that worn old chart and made the graphic above duplicating exactly what the kids said. I think they were off to a pretty good start. What do you think?  How do your kids identify good books? Are your kids aware of what they like to read? Favorite authors? Subject matter?  Older kid need to identify what they like as well.