Daily Archives: May 6, 2017

Today's Unconference in New York City was awesome! What a great day! Members of Team TpT were on hand to join in the fun!

Our Director of Seller Happiness, Amy, greeted everyone with a big smile and a positive attitude. Behind Amy the schedule of sessions is projected onto the white wall.


The new office on 18th Street is huge. Love the modern decor that is so interesting! Colorful artwork and seating encourages energy and enthusiasm. In the second picture you can look through the window of the 11th floor office and see the tall building across the street. Topics discussed during the session  are written on the chart paper near the window.

The sessions in an Unconference are very relaxed as there is no presenter. A facilitator asks questions and participants join in conversation to discuss topics important to TpT teacher-authors. There were lots of conversations all day long, conversations during sessions and everywhere else. It was a great opportunity to meet other TpTers and exchange ideas!

I had some fun with Nicole at the photo booth.

Team TpT sent everyone home with a treat from the Big Apple.

It was a fun day to share with other like-minded people, see old blogging friends and meet new ones.

Angela Watson gets a special thanks for all of her hard work organizing the event.