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My good friend and I have a Christmas tradition--several actually, but yesterday was the Holiday House tour. Participants make a donation to the town historical society and then are invited to visit historic homes decorated for the holidays. It's a lot of fun and something we try not to miss. When I bought the ticket, I didn't realize it conflicted with the Jets-Giants game. That was a painful choice. We went on the house tour and had a great time while the game was taped--DVR.

Jets Beat Giants

Fitzmagic, as I like to call him, was magical in the end.

I just finished watching the game. The Jets definitely had a slow start, but came roaring back in the fourth quarter to tie the game with the Giants who had a 10 point lead. The game went into overtime and the Jets were able to pull out a win. It was a stunning ending! Final score 23-20. So we are very happy Jets fans!

To celebrate the Jets win, I am offering my Christmas You-Know Addition Game to my followers. It will be posted in my store as a freebie for a limited time today. So hurry on over to grab yours. Don't forget to leave some merry feedback if you do download it so I can continue to celebrate Jets wins with freebies. They're on a roll now so hopefully there will be many more wins--and freebies to celebrate!! Enjoy the game!






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The Jets were down 10-13 at the end of the first half, but after an explosive 3rd quarter the second half was all Jets. Love my Fitzmagic whose eyes almost popped out of his head when he scored! It was an exciting games for Jets fans and I am so happy for the win. The Jets are now   4-1! Enjoying the win and not thinking about facing the Patriots next Sunday.

I'm celebrating the win with another flash freebie. So for the next 34 minutes, one minute for every Jets point, my Idiom Bingo with a Halloween theme will be free to my followers. If you do download the game, please leave some nice feedback so I can continue to celebrate Jets wins with freebies. SHHH!  When leaving feedback, please don't mention the freebie.

The Idiom game with a Halloween theme is a fun game for kids to create their own Bingo cards and have fun trying to determine the meaning of 24 different idioms presented in context. Enjoy!


Visit my store to get your free resource.

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1000 blog followers

My friend, Kelly Malloy, is celebrating 1,000 blog followers! Kelly has organized a great giveaway! You can win a $50 TpT gift card along with prizes from some fabulous TpT sellers! I have donated a Winner's Choice resource for the lucky winner. Go on over to celebrate with Kelly and enter to win right now.

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Kathleen in Apple   April 25, 2015

Stop, swap amd roll

Thank you, Melissa

I am so excited to be collaborating with other teachers for this Stop, Swap and Roll adventure. It is so much fun to share resources. There is always something new to learn. Before I begin to brag about the new resource I chose,  I want to thank  Melissa from Jungle Learners for organizing such a dynamic product swap. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hard work to organize so many participants and their resources.  I hope you will start right here on my blog, and hop from blog to blog, to observe vivid illustrations of many resources in action, as well as to have opportunities to win some creative resources demonstrated on each blog.

Round Button

I was fortunate to collaborate with Mollie and Amy, from over at Two Nutty Teachers.  Mollie and Amy are both teaching partners and business partners. They have been teaching fourth grade in West Michigan for the past three years and started their business, Two Nuts Teachin' from the Same Tree, in 2012.  In addition to a deep love of creating teacher-friendly resources that challenge students to dig deep and think big, they also share a love of crafting. Their  partnership is a perfect fit and they enjoy creating beautiful resources together.


 Math Vocabulary:  Geometry for the Common Core Classroom

The rules of the swap allowed me to shop in their store to choose an interesting resource. It was a difficult choice! There are so many goodies in the shop. Because I am interested in additional ways to teach and reinforce geometry concepts, I knew I had what I wanted when I found Math Vocabulary:  Geometry for the Common Core Classroom.  What a great resource this is!

Anchor Charts


There are 16 anchor charts with vocabulary terms and illustrations to define them.  I love these anchor charts! The description of each term is clear and concise.  Use the charts as they print with two terms to a page or cut in half to have an anchor chart for each term. They can also be stapled together to form a handy booklet for students. The anchor charts provide a great reference for students to use independently when they need support.  They are definitely kid-friendly.


Take Home Cards




The take home cards act as flash cards. Preparation to use these cards is so simple your students can do it independently.  Just print, cut the page in half, and then fold in half. (See the pictures above.) Now you have a set of cards.  I really like that there is no pasting, just folding, and they function perfectly.  Vocabulary words are printed on one side and a pictorial explanation is printed on the reverse side. These cards could be used in a number of ways:  1)  students look at the pictures and determine the vocabulary word, 2)  students look at the vocabulary word and draw the correct symbol to demonstrate an understanding of the term,  3)  Students would enjoy working as partners to practice the use of these terms.

I have . . . Who has?


The 16 card "I have . . . Who has?" game is a great culminating activity. The student who gets the card with the star on it begins the game.  Two Nutty Teachers has prepared a comprehensive review of the geometry vocabulary words for the kids who are sure to enjoy playing.

Visit Two Nutty Teachers

Hop over to the Two Nutty Teachers to peruse their store stocked with all of their great resources. I hope you enjoy shopping there as much a I did.  They are sharing a copy of  Math Vocabulary:  Geometry for the Common Core Classroom with one lucky winner. Be sure to enter below for your chance to win.  


Round Button

Continue the blog hop to read the fun posts of all the participants and to participate in the giveaways. Every blog has a special giveaway! Wishing you good luck!



Enter the Giveaway

Math Voc Cover                      Apple logo - Copy

Math Vocabulary: Geometry from Two Nutty Teachers

Winner's Choice from A+ Kids


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Visit A+ Kids

Just as I have demonstrated the math vocabulary game from Two Nutty Teachers, Quinnessential Lessons is demonstrating Homophones and Trivia from my store on her blog.  To add to the celebration I will have it on sale for only $2.00 for the duration of the product swap. In fact all of A+ Kids will be on sale for the duration of the product swap.

Happy hopping.

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Kathleen in Apple April 11, 2015

Instagram 100 Followers Party (1)


Sarah from Kovescence of the Mind has reached a milestone and is having a big celebration. I am happy to help.  Sarah has organized an amazing giveaway with lots of great resources to giveaway.  Visit Sarah's blog to get in on the action.  Here are some of the packages Sarah has put together.


100 Followers 3-5 Winners Choice (1)

100 Followers TPT Card (1)

100 Followers Shopping Spree (1)

100 Followers Secondary

100 Followers K-2 Winner Choice

100 Followers 3-5 Specific Product

100 Followers K-2 Specific Product



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Kathleen in Apple April 2, 2015


A product swap is a fun way to collaborate with other bloggers to share ideas and resources.  Right now is the perfect time to signup for a new product swap and giveaway hosted by Jungle Learners. Hurry on over to Jungle Learners to read all about how to sign up so you can participate too. Hurry because the swap is set to begin April 25, 2015 and we're all busy getting ready.



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